Desktop App: Operation File

The GoToTags Desktop App utilizes operation files to maintain the status of the tag encoding and reading processes. These files are structured in JSON format and designed for internal app use rather than direct viewing. It is recommended that users should access and modify operation files using the Desktop App. When employing operation files as input for the GoToTags Encoding service, users must review and approve the data within the app, ensuring informed consent for the operations.

Creating an Operation

Operation files are required for any encoding or reading operations. To create an operation file:

  1. Click the “Create Operation” button
  2. In the modal, name the operation
  3. Optionally add notes, an external ID or extra information
  4. Click “Create”
  5. Select a location and save the operation file
gototags operation nfc uhf barcode

Opening an Operation

An operation file can be reopened at any time to continue encoding, view operation data or export data in a different format. To open an operation file:

  1. Click the “Open Operation” button
  2. Select and load the operation from the file system