Desktop App Release v4.13.0

The Desktop App v4.13.0 was released on January 8th, 2024. This release adds support for editing UHF RFID tags in the UHF RFID Tag Tools operation.


The following are new and improved features for the Desktop App. If you would like to see a specific addition to the Desktop App, request a feature.

  • Added NFC reader firmware updater for ACR ACS1252U and ACR ACS 1552U readers, facilitating easy updates
  • UHF RFID tag editing is now available in the UHF RFID Tag Tools operation, enhancing tag customization
  • Release notes will now display upon first start of the app after a new version is installed, keeping users informed
  • NFC tag encoding process is improved to continue despite minor encoding errors, ensuring smoother operations
  • Introduced a chip type detector for setting chip type in the Encode NFC Tags operation, streamlining the encoding process

Bug Fixes

The following are new bug fixes in the Desktop App. If you find a bug in the Desktop App, submit a bug report.

  • Fixed an issue where toolbar items overlapped, improving user interface clarity
  • Resolved a startup failure issue on Linux, ensuring smoother app performance across platforms