Desktop App Release v4.17.0

The Desktop App v4.17.0 was released on May 28th, 2024. This release adds support for invalidating some fake NXP chips and fixes some bugs with NFC tag encoding.


The following are new and improved features for the Desktop App. If you would like to see a specific addition to the Desktop App, request a feature.

  • Added support for invalidating fake NXP NTAGs with a known bad signature. Full signature verification will be released in version 4.18.0
  • In NFC tag encoding operations, tags that failed to encode and were partially locked will now be retried. If they are in a recoverable state, locking will be reattempted, and the tag will be corrected
  • Added new configuration settings to the CR1100 Code barcode scanner UI

Bug Fixes

The following are new bug fixes in the Desktop App. If you find a bug in the Desktop App, submit a bug report.

  • Fixed an issue where importing invalid encoding and operation files would produce an unexpected error
  • Fixed an issue causing ST25TV512 NFC chips to fail reading with PCSC2