Desktop App Release v4.14.0

The Desktop App v4.14.0 was released on February 21st, 2024. This release adds the Buffered NFC Tag Encoding operation and fixes some bugs that interrupted the Use NFC Tags operation.


The following are new and improved features for the Desktop App. If you would like to see a specific addition to the Desktop App, request a feature.

  • Added the Buffered NFC Tag Encoding operation for use cases where NFC tags must be correlated to a barcode and are being rolled through a hardware encoding system
  • Improved the file dialog on Windows so that it will now use the default Windows dialog

Bug Fixes

The following are new bug fixes in the Desktop App. If you find a bug in the Desktop App, submit a bug report.

  • While reading tags in the Use NFC Tags operation, some reader errors would cause the app to stop reading tags. Now, these errors will be handled before displaying in the app and will not stop the operation
  • Fixed an issue where tags that were partially locked in the Encode NFC Tags operation while operating were not updating their corresponding rows