Desktop App Recommendations

The Desktop App runs well on most modern desktop computers and laptops with a wide range of supported hardware and tags. For optimal performance, reliability and supported features it’s best to use the following recommendations.

GoToTags can provide commercial customers with preconfigured computers and hardware that meet these requirements and are ready to use for a cost+ fee; contact us if interested.

Recommended System

It is recommended to use a dedicated computer with the following system setup which exceeds the standard system requirements:

  • Mini PC with amd64 (Intel or AMD) with a modern CPU (released after 2020)
    • Morefine makes lost-cost PCs (S500+, M600) that GoToTags uses internally
    • Other options for computers include Coofun and NUC
  • 8 – 16 GB of RAM
    • 8 GB is enough if using a dedicated computer; 16 GB is recommended if used for other purposes
  • SSD hard drive
    • Ensure enough free space to allow for proper operating system functioning
  • Ubuntu 22.04; minimal install with few other apps running
    • Windows is more bloated and busy than Ubuntu and can interrupt and interfere with processes
    • Macs have no performance issues but are expensive compared to a low-cost mini pc with Ubuntu
  • Full administrator/sudo access
  • Reliable network connection
  • If multiple USB devices are to be used, StarTech is a great brand of USB hubs
    • Do not use cheap, unpowered or USB hubs with many devices
    • Never use Amazon Basics USB Hubs!
  • A Universal Power Supply (UPS) with an integrated surge protector so work is not lost during a power outage
    • The Amazon Basics and APC models work well
    • Ensure the computer, monitor, mouse, USB hubs and hardware are connected to the battery backup so that in the event of a power loss the app can be stopped safely
  • Ensure the system’s power settings have been configured so the system does not sleep or power off during usage