Software Updates

GoToTags software is SaaS (software as a service) that is deployed and run on user’s devices and computers. This software is regularly updated with features, bug fixes, performance improvements and other changes.

Upgrade Software

Users are usually notified of the software updates when it is available. For desktop software, it will depend on the operating system. In some cases, updates will happen in the background, in others they, will have to be manually installed; for mobile software this is handled via the respective app store notifications. It is recommended that users start the upgrade process when they receive a notification there is an update available. Software upgrades are in-place, meaning that configuration settings are maintained unless there has been an explicit change to that configuration setting. As always with new software, user’s should validate the new software works as expected before using it.

Out of Date Software

GoToTags does enforce how old of software is able to be run; this is to ensure users are not using software that is incompatible with other systems or has bugs that may cause issues. Software that is too old will not run and an update is required. That process usually happens no sooner than 3 months after a new version is available; this allows users time to go through the upgrade process.