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How the iPhone 15 Can Use NFC

Apple’s use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology on the iPhone has evolved significantly. Apple first added support for NFC with the iPhone 7, primarily to enable contactless payments with Apple Pay. With iOS 11, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 gained the ability to read NFC tags which opened a large market for NFC based contactless applications. iOS 12 fixed several issues with the iOS NFC SDK, Core NFC which finally allowed 3rd party developers to build engaging NFC applications.

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STMicroelectronics – Diversifying the NFC Chip Market

GoToTags is proud to announce the addition of NFC tag products to the GoToTags catalog featuring STMicroelectronics (ST) NFC chips. In the past NXP has maintained a decisive market dominance over the NFC chip production market.

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iPhone 14 – Updates to NFC and NFC Tags with iOS 16 in 2022

Apple announced the release of iOS 16 at their annual WWDC event in June 2022. If this release follows the decade-long pattern that we’ve come to expect, iOS 16 and the long-awaited iPhone 14 will most likely make an appearance in September. The list of previewed and presumed features has been explored ad nauseam since the release, but what do these updates mean for the iPhone 14 NFC experience?

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How Changing from Barcodes to NFC Tags Made the Security Services Industry More Trustworthy

Security services is a $132B worldwide industry whose foundation was built on trust. Retailers, local governments, airports, corporate offices, banks, malls, and more trust that guards will execute their assigned patrols at an agreed upon frequency and be present to detect anomalies, deter undesirable activity and to respond when immediate action is necessary. The value of the service is derived from the assured safety of events, facilities, and assets thanks to this scheduled patrol. To prove that value, security companies need high quality and reliable data.

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iPhone 13 – Using NFC and NFC Tags with iOS 15 in 2021

Apple’s September “Special Event” for 2021 (video below) has followed the theme of the past ten years with the announcement of new iPhone models including the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max (whew!), complementing Apple’s announcement of iOS 15 in June. Like all iPhones since the iPhone 7, released in 2016 alongside iOS 11, the new iPhones feature native software and hardware support for NFC functionality. While the iPhone 6 supported NFC for contactless payment only via Apple Pay, previous iPhones did not support NFC. This lack of NFC capabilities contrasted with Google’s Android devices, which had adopted NFC hardware and software support in late 2010 and has been included in almost all Android phones since.

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How COVID Made QR Codes Cool

There is a long list of formerly denigrated technologies that have since become key components of the modern world. The bicycle, the car, answering machines, and laptops were all considered dubious fads when they first emerged. In each case, it took some calamity, innovation, or critical mass of adoption before they wormed their way into the realm of the essential.

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Beat the NFC Chip Shortage — Start Planning Now

Over the past fifteen months, it’s become clear that while global supply chains are efficient, they’re also brittle. Unprecedented demand patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic led to shortages of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and N95 masks, and the pandemic disrupted labor markets and production. Pandemic disruptions have now revealed a brittleness in semiconductor supply chains that has been building for at least two decades, putting nearly all chips used in consumer products and industrial and commercial processes in short supply. Automotive ECUs, microcontrollers for factory automation, medical devices, gaming consoles, smart toasters—nearly everything requiring semiconductors—are affected.

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Use NFC Tags with iPhone Shortcuts App

If you have updated your iPhone to run iOS 13, you may have noticed that the Shortcuts app is now pre-installed. With newfound NFC functionality, Shortcuts has garnered a lot of recent attention.

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Apple Expands NFC Tag Functionality on iPhone in iOS 13

It’s June again which means another Apple WWDC event, where they announce changes to their software products with iOS 13. Over the last several years Apple has been increasing NFC functionality in the iPhone.

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Will Apple Fix Core NFC in iOS 12 for the iPhone?

Several additional features should be added to the iPhone in iOS 12 to fix the NFC issues in Core NFC