NFC Encoder Pricing

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software is usage-based software; how much you pay depends on how much you use it. A monthly fee is charged each month regardless of if any tags are encoded or not. The monthly fee includes an initial set of tag encodings at no additional cost.

As you use the NFC Encoder it tracks your usage for each monthly billing period. At the end of your monthly billing cycle your stored payment details will be charged based on your usage per the component pricing (below) and you will be emailed a full statement of charges. Your usage will then be reset to zero to start over for the next monthly billing period. There are no limitations to the software; all features are enabled. This pricing model allows you to totally control your encoding costs.

The same account can be used on as many computers as you like; upgrades are always free. Once you download the NFC Encoder software you will be prompted to either sign up or log in an existing customer. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

Monthly Price


Additional Usage Pricing
Monthly Encoded NFC TagsPer Tag Cost
0 to 250No Additional Charge
251 to 999$0.030 /tag
1,000 to 9,999$0.025 /tag
10,000 to 49,999$0.020 /tag
50,000 to 99,999$0.015 /tag
100,000+$0.010 /tag

If you encode 3,500 NFC tags in a billing period you will be charged $97.45 (3,500 tags x $0.025 /tag + $9.95).

Unable to pay with a credit card? Contact us about invoice billing.

Customer Billing

The GoToTags NFC Encoder software is usage-based software based on a customer account; it is not billed by the number of client licenses. When you 1st run the software you will be prompted to either sign up a new customer account or login with an existing customer account. The sign up occurs in a secure web browser window. Once you have successfully logged in with your customer account you are able to view customer and usage information. To manage your customer account click the “Manage Subscription” button in the Billing form.

Using Multiple Computers

It is possible to use the software on multiple computers simultaneously, all sharing the same customer account. This allows customers to increase encoding productivity by working on encoding projects in parallel on multiple encoding stations. Usage from all computers will be billed against the one customer account.

To use the NFC Encoder software on multiple computers you will need to find your customer code and then login with that customer code on the other computers.

  1. In the File main menu, click the Billing menu item to open the billing form.
  2. Copy the Customer Code, as it will be needed to activate the NFC Encoder software on the secondary computer.
  3. On the second computer open the NFC Encoder software. You will be greeted with the following login screen. Enter your Customer Code and click the log in button.

Current Usage

You can view your current usage on the ‘Usage’ tab of the ‘Billing’ window within the NFC Encoder software. Your usage will also be clearly stated on the monthly billing statement that will be emailed to you.