Store: Tag Encoding Service

Tags purchased from the GoToTags Store are blank from the manufacturer and can be encoded per customer requirements as a paid service.

Customer Encoding

Customers may elect to encode blank tags using GoToTags encoding software which requires a Microsoft Windows 7 or later operating system with a desktop NFC reader/writer.

Customers may also encode with their NFC-enabled Android phone, or certain versions of the Apple iPhone and iOS utilizing third-party applications.

Non-NDEF NFC Encoding Formats

GoToTags encoding software only supports NDEF-based NFC tag encoding because it is the most common and universally compatible format.

A non-NDEF format is generally advised when the customer has a pre-existing system and desires legacy support for that specific system. The following applications typically use a non-NDEF format and cannot be encoded by the GoToTags Store or software:

  • Raw binary; sometimes referred to as page-level encoding
  • Payment (credit card, banking…)
  • Transportation
  • Secure entrance (HID Global cards and key chains)
  • Some ticketing systems
  • Other proprietary formats

In these cases, the customer will have to encode their own tags.

GoToTags Tag Encoding Service

GoToTags provides a paid service to those customers who do not wish to perform their own encoding. The customer can purchase the GoToTags NFC Tag NDEF Encoding Service when they buy their NFC tags. Learn more about the ordering process.