Sales Quotes

The GoToTags Store provides sales quotes to customers who are working on complex projects or who require significant quantities of product.


Sales Quotes

The GoToTags Store web checkout process provides the most accurate pricing information. As a result, most orders at the GoToTags Store do not require a sales quote. However, sometimes the customer has a complex or large project. In these cases, the GoToTags Store can provide a sales quote on request. Some examples where sales quotes are provided by GoToTags:

  • The desired order volume exceeds listed price tiers
  • The order contains design changes
  • The product has special complexity
  • The required product specifications are not listed on the site
  • The customer’s process requires a sales quote prior to ordering

For sales quotes, contact GoToTags. Sales quotes are usually provided within 24-to-48 hours via email and generally include unit pricing, expected production time and shipping costs.

The customer can also obtain a regular price quote prior to placing an online order with the GoToTags Store:

  1. Place the item(s) in the cart
  2. Follow the normal checkout process
  3. Select Offline from the Payment Method menu at checkout
  4. GoToTags will send an order confirmation email that can be downloaded as a PDF file.