Store Orders

The details of the ordering process at the GoToTags Store, from a simple NFC tag purchase to orders involving custom printing, encoding or variable data; details about the review process every order from the GoToTags Store undergoes.

Ordering NFC Tags

Please review all information, including the shipping address, carefully before placing an order. There is a short window to revise an address or cancel items in an order before the order begins processing.

  1. Select an NFC tag appropriate to the expected environment and use case and navigate to its product page
  2. On the product page, add the desired quantity to the shopping cart
  3. If the customer does not require custom printed artwork or encoding, skip to step 6
  4. If the customer wants custom printed artwork with or without correlated data, please visit the artwork page
  5. If the customer wants data written to their NFC tags, please visit the encoding page
  6. Click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of the product page
  7. Click on Checkout Now
  8. Enter an email address; this is also the first step in creating a customer account
  9. Fill out the remaining fields with shipping information
  10. Select a shipping method
  11. Click the Next button
  12. Select a payment method; at this point, the customer may elect to submit a purchase order
  13. Click the Place Order button
  14. The order has been placed

Order Review Process

Inventory order review process

  1. An order confirmation email is automatically sent from the GoToTags Store after checkout
  2. The method of payment will be authorized but not charged; this authorization ensures the funds for the order are available while the order is prepared for shipping
  3. Before invoicing and capturing payment, the GoToTags Store will review the order
  4. The order may be put On Hold and the customer will be notified by email if:
    1. An item is out of stock or backordered
    2. Freight cost is insufficient
    3. There is an issue with payment or payment needs to be collected
    4. An encoding file needs revision or an encoding service should be added
  5. Orders with custom printing have additional review steps
  6. Once the review process is complete, the order will be invoiced and the payment method will be charged
  7. Inventory orders are typically packed for shipment the same day the order is placed
  8. When the order ships, the GoToTags store will send a shipment confirmation email with tracking information
  9. Payment authorization will be removed in 5-7 business days if the order is cancelled for any reason; the exact timeframe for removal is determined by the card’s issuing bank

Printed and custom order review process

Custom orders undergo the standard order review process with additional steps to proof the artwork

  1. Once the order review process is complete, a PDF proof will be sent via Ashore before production begins
  2. The customer should follow the steps within Ashore to review and approve the proof. Physical print samples will not be sent
  3. Expected production lead time will be disclosed with the PDF proof. Note: Production lead times are estimates, not guarantees and are subject to delays
  4. The customer should contact the GoToTags Store via email if a change is needed during the proof approval process
  5. Payment authorization will be removed in 5-7 business days if the order is cancelled for any reason; the card’s issuing bank determines the exact timeframe for removal
  6. Once the PDF proof is approved, the production lead time begins and the payment method will be charged. At this point the order cannot be changed or canceled
  7. The customer will be notified if there is a delay in production and will be kept updated with the expected ship date


The customer will be notified if any items are on backorder. Alternate products may be suggested to the customer. The order will be refunded if the customer chooses not to wait for a backordered item. Some out-of-stock products may not have replenishment plans and will be automatically refunded.

Due to cost restrictions, the GoToTags Store cannot split ship international orders. When one or more items are on backorder, the order will ship once all the ordered items are available.