Store Pricing

The GoToTags Store offers volume pricing and, in certain circumstances, price adjustments., to deliver maximum value to the customer.


Volume Pricing

Published prices start at a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) with price discounts at certain larger quantities. There are no maximum order quantities; if the customer’s desired order quantity is greater than what is listed on the product page, contact GoToTags for a sales quote.

The unit price of a product at the GoToTags Store does not include encoding, taxes and shipping fees. Custom product pricing includes setup costs; therefore, small quantity orders will have a significantly higher unit price.

Volume Pricing Guidelines

  • Tiered pricing applies to the quantity purchased per item, per order
  • Two different products at 500 units each do not qualify for the 1000-unit price
  • There are no price breaks in between the listed tiers; if there are pricing tiers for 100 and 1000 units, an order for 500 units is priced at the 100-unit tier
  • The same product is defined as the same product Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) with the same artwork, encoding and other customization
  • Unit pricing is not guaranteed to be consistent over time or from order to order
  • The full quantity must be ordered at one time

Special Pricing Arrangements

Large, ongoing projects may qualify for special pricing arrangements such as:

  • Set price at any quantity for recurring orders of a specific set of products
  • Volume discount for additional SKUs once the threshold is met for one SKU
  • Select products on hand for immediate dispatch at anticipated ordering volume
  • Pricing inclusive of shipping costs and duties

The customer should contact GoToTags and request a quote to arrange for special pricing arrangements.

Shipping Cost Estimates

The GoToTags Store provides a shipping cost estimate at checkout. Sales quotes generally include an estimate of shipping costs. Actual shipping costs will be determined after the order has been placed as a part of the order review process. Those costs could be higher or lower than the estimate provided. The GoToTags Store may contact the customer to collect additional funds if the final shipping cost is greater than the shipping estimate and will issue a refund if the shipping estimate is appreciably higher than the final shipping cost.

A shipping cost estimate is available before order completion. The customer adds their product to the shopping cart and then clicks on the cart icon. Once the customer provides the destination country, the shipping estimate will display.

Price Adjustments

Price Matching Policy

The GoToTags Store strives to match or outperform all competition. If a lower price is found elsewhere, please contact the GoToTags Store with the details of the competing offer including:

  • A copy of the sales quote (in email or external document)
  • Full price of the products
  • Complete specifications of the products
  • The supplier’s information
  • Payment terms offered
  • Shipping costs

Competing offers will be reviewed and if found to be genuine and accurate, the price may be matched or beaten. Price matches are at GoToTags’ discretion and are not guaranteed.

Price Matching Exclusions

A price match will not be awarded if the products or services being compared are not the same. Common discrepancies in what may seem to be an identical competing offer include:

  • Different materials
  • Different construction
  • Different NFC chip
  • Exclusion of NFC tag encoding
  • Exclusion of other services
  • Different shipping costs

Price Adjustment Policy

Should an item at the GoToTags Store be marked down, please contact GoToTags within 14 days from the date of shipment. GoToTags will honor a one-time price adjustment. Credits will be applied to the original form of payment within 2-4 business days.