Store: NFC Tag Encoding Service


Ordering Encoded NFC Tags

To order encoded NFC tags from the GoToTags store, follow these steps:

  1. Select the desired NFC tags product from the store and add the appropriate quantity to your cart
  2. Browse to the the desired NFC tag encoding service product on the store
  3. Choose the desired Encoding Data Type from the product options:
    • Bulk: Each NFC tag will have the same data written to it (bulk data)
    • Variable: Each tag will have different data written to it (variable data)
    • UID:⁽¹⁾ Each NFC tag will have its NFC Chip UID encoded as an NDEF Text Record
    • Correlated: Pairs the data encoded onto an NFC tag to an ID or barcode printed on the physical tag (correlated data)
  4. Decide if the NFC chip’s user memory should be locked:
    • Yes: The user memory is permanently read-only and can never be modified
    • No: The user memory can be changed by anyone with physical access to the NFC tag
  5.  If Bulk encoding data type was selected; provide the data that will be encoded to all NFC tags
  6. If Variable or Correlated encoding type was selected:
    1. Download the NFC Tags Encoding file
    2. Using Microsoft Excel on Microsoft Windows open the file and add the data to be encoded to the NFC tags
    3. Ensure quantity of NFC tag encoding data is the same or greater than the number of NFC tags being purchased; sometimes additional encoding data is needed for certain projects
    4. Upload the finished NFC Tag Encoding file using “Upload File” button
  7. Provide any additional information as needed
  8. Enter the appropriate quantity of encoding products (minimums apply); the quantity of encoding purchased should be equal to the quantity of tags purchased
  9. Click the Add to Cart button
  10. Complete checkout
  1. UID encoding was a workaround for when the iPhone was only able to read NDEF data and did not have access to the NFC chip’s UID. iOS now has support for reading the NFC chip’s UID for 3rd party apps, so this encoding data type is not needed or recommended anymore.